Pobierowo Baltic Apartments is not only a great place to relax. It is also a stable source of income and a great investment. You can use your apartment for a part of the year and rent it for the remaining time. Of course, nothing prevents you from buying the apartment only for rental.

According to a report by the Central Statistical Office, West Pomerania is currently the most popular tourist region in Poland, and its popularity is growing year by year. In 2018, the region provided over 15 million tourist accommodations, which exceeds the result of 2017 by over one million, and the result of 2016 by two million. Consequently, West Pomerania is ahead of Małopolska region by 1.23 million accommodations, while other regions did not exceed 10 million. During the two vacation months of 2018, the Municipality of Rewal (where Pobierowo is located) alone was visited by almost 700,000 tourists. The trend is supported by projects carried out in the region – there are new bike routes, observation towers and all other facilities, which complement the excellent natural resources.

Experts indicate that investing in an apartment located at the Polish coast is presently one of the best investments, with an expected return at 7–8%, much more than bank deposits or debentures. Polish tourists, rich in extra means, still more often choose the domestic coast than exotic places. West Pomerania is also the favourite destination of foreign visitors, not only from Germany but also, for example, from Scandinavia. Currently in Pobierowo, a large Gołębiewski hotel is being constructed, which will provide additional attractions such as a swimming pool complex, two cinemas, an ice rink or an entertainment centre for kids. In addition, a Hilton hotel will soon be built, which will increase the tourist appeal of the town.

To maximise your revenue, we have designed the dwelling units so that they can conveniently accommodate four people in two separate rooms, so the apartments are excellent for family vacation. For families coming for holiday, renting an apartment is usually a great alternative to a hotel, both in terms of price and comfort. With their attractive location and convenience, Pobierowo Baltic Apartments will attract guests all over the year.

You may manage your rental by yourself or use the services provided by our partner, Sun & Snow, who will fully manage the apartment on your behalf.

SUN & SNOW Sp. z o.o. has been active in Poland since 2008, being the largest Polish company involved in the management of luxurious apartments situated in popular holiday resorts and big cities. Currently the company organises leisure in over 1,800 apartments all over Poland, having several hundred thousand satisfied customers. The company is well versed in the profitability of rental in each town.

The operator manages the rental of apartments on behalf of the owners, who are released from all operating tasks (arranging the apartment for rental, accepting reservations, searching for clients, cleaning, repairs, replacing worn consumables, etc.). In each town where we operate, there is a customer service centre, which is involved not only in the check-in and check-out of guests but also recommends the most interesting attractions and the best restaurants nearby, and solves any issues.

The customers of Sun & Snow include families with children, active seniors, business people, groups of friends, newly-weds and couples – all those who prefer comfortable apartments to hotel rooms and private lodgings. Many of our customers are foreign guests. More information: www.sunandsnow.pl.