Choose building, floor and apartment:

NumberFloorAreaTerrace/garden areaNo. of roomsNet pricePDFAvailability
A1031,59 m212,4 m210 PLNSold
A2034,24 m217,5 m22335 552 PLNReserved
A3042,98 m234 m23451 290 PLNAvailable
A4034,08 m234 m22357 840 PLNAvailable
A5034,23 m217,5 m22314 916 PLNAvailable
A6034,23 m217,5 m22335 454 PLNAvailable
A7042,93 m223 m23442 179 PLNReserved
A8034,08 m223 m22351 024 PLNAvailable
A9034,23 m217,5 m22314 916 PLNAvailable
A10131,59 m24,27 m21300 105 PLNAvailable
A11134,23 m24,72 m22359 415 PLNAvailable
A12142,95 m215,04 m23468 155 PLNReserved
A13134,08 m215,04 m22371 472 PLNAvailable
A14134,23 m24,72 m22359 415 PLNAvailable
A15134,23 m24,72 m22359 415 PLNAvailable
A16142,9 m29,48 m23459 030 PLNReserved
A17134,08 m29,48 m22364 656 PLNAvailable
A18134,23 m24,72 m22359 415 PLNAvailable
A19231,79 m24,27 m21340 153 PLNAvailable
A20234,24 m24,72 m22386 912 PLNAvailable
A21242,88 m216,03 m23501 696 PLNAvailable
A22234,08 m216,03 m22398 736 PLNReserved
A23234,23 m24,72 m22373 107 PLNAvailable
A24234,23 m24,72 m22386 799 PLNAvailable
A25242,84 m29,97 m23492 660 PLNAvailable
A26234,08 m29,97 m22391 920 PLNAvailable
A27234,23 m24,72 m22373 107 PLNAvailable
A28331,79 m24,91 m21371 943 PLNAvailable
A29334,24 m27,24 m22421 152 PLNAvailable
A30342,77 m216,03 m23551 733 PLNReserved
A31334,08 m216,03 m22439 632 PLNReserved
A32334,23 m27,24 m22403 914 PLNAvailable
A33334,23 m27,24 m22421 029 PLNAvailable
A34342,72 m29,97 m23551 088 PLNAvailable
A35334,04 m29,97 m22439 116 PLNAvailable
A36334,23 m27,24 m22403 914 PLNAvailable

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