Choose building, floor and apartment:

NumberFloorAreaTerrace/garden areaNo. of roomsNet pricePDFAvailability
A1031,59 m212,4 m210 PLNSold
A2034,24 m217,5 m22299 942 PLNReserved
A3042,98 m234 m23399 714 PLNAvailable
A4034,08 m234 m22319 670 PLNAvailable
A5034,23 m217,5 m22269 732 PLNAvailable
A6034,23 m217,5 m22299 854 PLNAvailable
A7042,93 m223 m23399 249 PLNReserved
A8034,08 m223 m22316 944 PLNAvailable
A9034,23 m217,5 m22269 732 PLNAvailable
A10131,59 m24,27 m21249 561 PLNAvailable
A11134,23 m24,72 m22319 708 PLNAvailable
A12142,95 m215,04 m23419 621 PLNReserved
A13134,08 m215,04 m22333 984 PLNAvailable
A14134,23 m24,72 m22319 708 PLNAvailable
A15134,23 m24,72 m22319 708 PLNAvailable
A16142,9 m29,48 m23411 840 PLNReserved
A17134,08 m29,48 m22327 168 PLNAvailable
A18134,23 m24,72 m22319 708 PLNAvailable
A19231,79 m24,27 m21299 779 PLNAvailable
A20234,24 m24,72 m22345 824 PLNAvailable
A21242,88 m216,03 m23449 811 PLNAvailable
A22234,08 m216,03 m22354 432 PLNReserved
A23234,23 m24,72 m22335 454 PLNAvailable
A24234,23 m24,72 m22345 723 PLNAvailable
A25242,84 m29,97 m23441 252 PLNAvailable
A26234,08 m29,97 m22351 024 PLNAvailable
A27234,23 m24,72 m22335 454 PLNAvailable
A28331,79 m24,91 m21333 795 PLNAvailable
A29334,24 m27,24 m22373 216 PLNAvailable
A30342,77 m216,03 m23483 301 PLNReserved
A31334,08 m216,03 m22385 104 PLNReserved
A32334,23 m27,24 m22362 838 PLNAvailable
A33334,23 m27,24 m22373 107 PLNAvailable
A34342,72 m29,97 m23482 736 PLNAvailable
A35334,04 m29,97 m22384 652 PLNAvailable
A36334,23 m27,24 m22362 838 PLNAvailable

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